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Irish Whiskey
Making Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey apart from the spelling Whisk(e)y differs from Scotch Whisky in that normally Irish is distilled three times (but not always)

The malting process also differs between Irish & Scoth as unlike Scoth Whiskey Irish uses sprouted barley dried in a closed kiln this is then mixed with unmalted barley before being ground into a grist. This accounts for the smoothness of Irish whiskey and the "non-peaty" taste compared to Scotch..

If only it were so simple there will always be exceptions for example Connemara distilled by the Cooley Distillery although triple distilled uses peated malt for its unique taste
More information about the manufacture of Irish whiskey is available in the Glossary section and under the following topics :

Ingredients Malting Mashing Distillation Maturation   Blending

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