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Well it's quite simple really, for all of you out there who wish to learn a little about Irish Whiskey including an insight into the history of distilleries and the manufacture of Irish Whiskey, or "Uisce Beatha", Gaelic for "water of life" This site aims to provide you with that information. It should also help to address the under-representation of Irish Whiskey on the Internet compared to say, Scotch Whiskey for example.

We have also included a fun stuff section where you can read some whiskey related jokes or enter our monthly competition

Finally should your pallet be sufficiently tempted, then you can take the opportunity to purchase a bottle or two of what you fancy to complete your visit.

Please Note: At no point in this site do I, or would I, suggest that Irish Whiskey is better than all others, however I will take this opportunity to suggest that it is certainly the best I have tasted !!
(Then again I would say that wouldn't I ? being Irish) Only you can judge that quality for your self so why not treat yourself to one or more of our classic whiskey selection ?.

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