History Of Irish Whiskey (John Powers & Son)

The last member of the Board with the Power name was Sir Thomas Talbot Power who died in 1936, although ownership remained in the family through his sisters. Powers remained a leading player in the industry until 1966 when they merged with the only two remaining distillers in the Irish republic, Cork Distillers Company and their long time rivals John Jameson & Son.

Together these three distilleries formed the Irish Distillers Group. In 1989 the Pernod Ricard empire successfully bid against Gilbey's and Guinness-Cantrell-Cochran to become the new owners of the Irish Distillers Group which also includes Bushmills Distillery in the North of Ireland bought by the group in the 1970s. On Pernod Ricards success the last four members of the old distilling families of Dublin and Cork resigned.

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