A few of many quotes and a toast or two
with whiskey in mind
"A pure well-matured product of mild character, rich in fragrant ethers"
Sir Charles Cameron

"Uisce Beatha" is a compounded distilled spirit being drawn on aromatic's, and the Irish sort is particularly distinguished for its pleasant and mild flavour."
Dr. Samuel Johnston

"There is no such thing as a large whiskey."
Oliver St. John Gogarty

"If an angel out of Heaven
Gives you something else to drink,
Thank her for her kind intention
And pour it down the sink"
G.K. Chesterton

"Malachi Horan's recipe for a long and contented life - Plenty of whiskey, and the hard work necessary to get the money to buy it."
Malachi Horan

"The light music of whiskey falling into a glass - an agreeable interlude"
James Joyce

"Never was philtre found with such power
To charm and bewilder as this we are quaffing.
The magic began when in Autumn's rich hour
As a harvest of gold in the field it stood laughing.
There having by nature's enchantment been filled
With the balm and the boon of the kindest weather,
The wonderful juice from its core was distilled
To enliven such hearts as we have here brought together"
Thomas Moore

"Health and long life to you,
Land without rent to you,
A child every year to you,
And may you die in Ireland"
Old Irish Toast

"May the road rise to meet your feet,
May the sun be always on your back,
And may you be in heaven half an hour,
Before the devil knows your dead."
Old Irish Toast
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