Making Irish Whiskey Mashing & Fermentation

Millstones Locke's distillery
The malted barley is mixed with un-malted barley prior to being passed through a mill to be roughly ground into grist The grist is then mixed with water in a mash tun where it is slowly stirred. The addition of water allows the natural sugars to dissolve in the water which is drained off this liquid is called "wort"
Mash-Tun Jamesons Dublin
No 1 Washback Jameson Visitor Center Dublin
The wort containing the dissolved sugars from the barleycorn is now pumped into a set of vessels commonly known as "washbacks" into the wort is added yeast. This causes the a reaction with the sugars to produce an brown coloured liquid. When the fermentation process has run its course the liquid ceases to foam and bubble at which point it is ready to be pumped to the stills for distillation

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