Irish Whiskey Maturation

Having been successfully distilled the required number of times the spirit is filled into wood casks and left to mature for a legal minimum of three years, however more often than not it is usually more with eight, ten, or more years required for some of the top brands.

It is during this maturation process that the magic that is Irish Whiskey takes place. The clear spirit over time takes on the character of the cask in which it is stored. The casks may have been used previously to store sherry bourbon or rum although new oak casks are also used. While maturing in sherry casks the alcohol's extract the sherry residue that has soaked into the wood, or whilst maturing in charred bourbon casks the spirit will extract some of the chemicals in the wood of the cask.

It is all of these factors along with temperature humidity and general storage conditions plus the length of time the whiskey is left to mature that contribute to the final product.
Barrels of Maturing Whiskey
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